1-2-1 Video Analysis  & Stroke Correction

Swim Smooth’s premium and internationally acclaimed service


1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session with

Andrea Garrington, the ONLY Certified Swim Smooth Coach in Wales.

 This will totally make a difference to your swim efficiency and speed

If your answer to any of the following questions is “Yes” then a 1:1 consultation

is the right solution for you!​​  

Do you want to swim more efficiently?

Do you want to swim faster?

Do you feel your performance has plateaued?

The value of seeing yourself swim cannot be understated.  To view and understand what is holding you back is a “penny dropping” moment.

The ability to compare yourself side by side to the stroke perfection of an elite, helps you understand what you are aiming for

Completing prescribed drills that meet your specific training needs means that you don’t waste hours thrashing up and down the pool, exhausting yourself and reinforcing poor technique.

Executing drills on a hierarchy basis mean that you work on drills in a systematic order that will have most impact on your stroke and give you the quickest improvement.


The 2 week consultation includes:

  • HD video capture of you swimming from several angles​, taken on a Saturday morning session at Atlantic College, South Wales

  • A zoom call in the following week for a detailed analysis of your video – highlighting the causes of any inefficiencies

  • A recording of the session on a USB drive for your reference. No need to make notes! :)

  • Return to the water the following Saturday morning for stroke correction, with radio communication from your coach to correct you as you swim

This session is only suitable for those who can swim 200 metres continuous freestyle

Location: Atlantic College, St Donats's Castle, St Donat's,

Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan, CF61 1WF

Cost: £110 per person

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Stroke Correction


Watch Swim Smooths' Paul Newsome carrying out an in-depth video analysis for Welsh triathlete Non Stanford. 

Non went on to win the under 23 world title later that year and then the senior World Championship in September 2013.





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