Why is the coaching offered by
Swim Smooth Wales
such a 'tour de force' in the world of 
swimming and triathlon?​
Why is it used by World leading
governing bodies in Triathlon?

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Why is Swim Smooth followed by thousands of coaches and hundreds of thousands of swimmers?

Here are 3 BIG reasons:​



A unique INDIVIDUAL approach to swim coaching.

 Taking into account your background, height, build and swimming goals.

This makes our coaching super-effective for any swimmer.​




developed over 14 years with thousands of swimmers.

This gives us greater insights to improve any swimmer

from beginner to elite.​


Our coaching products and methods were developed with PASSION since

      2004.  This shines through in the quality of

ALL we offer, such as..

The FREE Mr Smooth App.

  View freestyle in amazing detail at any speed from any angle.

You will instantly start to understand how you can improve your stroke.

swim smooth wales
swim smooth wales app

View perfect freestyle stroke from any angle


 Pause/Play the stroke rate   


 Download to your mobile device for easy referral

  • Join the Swim Smooth Wales squad and get access to our incredible virtual coach, the Swim Smooth Guru 

  • Book a 1 to 1 with Andrea, the only Swim Smooth Coach in Wales.  A video analysis and stroke correction session will provide an in depth assessment of your swim stroke and a detailed improvement plan to help you achieve your swim goals.