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Who We Are

We are Swim Smooth - the World's leading authority in adult swim coaching!

Sound too grandiose?

We don't mind blowing our own trumpet every now and again.

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) and the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) has garnered our services to re-write their entire swim coaching program for swimmers and triathletes just like you in 119 countries all around the world

 We think that's pretty cool.

Swim Smooth Wales’ Squads

We know your time is precious.  Get the most out of your time in the pool with the Swim Smooth method. Squad sessions involve front crawl technique, fitness, pace awareness, Critical Swim Speed (CSS) work and open water skills.

We cater for ALL swimmers from the age of 18 to 80+ who can swim a minimum of 200m freestyle

Our squad welcomes first time triathletes through to Iron Man distance swimmers and quite a few channel swimmers to boot!

Our Squad Sessions Provide

Expert coaching

Sessions are led by Swim Smooth Wales Head Coach Andrea Garrington, who is the only Swim Smooth certified coach in Wales.

If Andrea is not available to coach a session she is supported by;

  • Tom Chapman, British Triathlon and STA Open Water Coach (and English Channel Solo Swimmer).

  • Jo Powell, British Triathlon and STA Open Water Coach, ASA Swim Teacher and Swim Coach.

Both Tom and Jo have an in depth knowledge of the Swim Smooth Principles.  See ‘Our Coaches’ for more information.

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Focused and productive sessions


See below under ‘What is the difference between a Swim Smooth Session and a Masters Session?’ for more information on the focus of our sessions.


An environment where you can flourish

We think there is just something magical about the camaraderie of swimming with a group of like-minded people.  Here you will find support through the challenges of training, and celebration of your achievements.


We welcome adults swimming for fitness, leisure, events or competition.

Whatever your goals, you will find a warm welcome at our Squad Sessions

All swimmers complete the same session.

It’s important to us that the whole squad has the same experience of the session and the same sense of achievement.    

We keep coach to swimmer ratios low

It’s important to us that swimmer receive correct guidance on drills and feedback on their swimming.  It is also important that there is room to swim, no-one enjoys a crowded lane.   Our squads run with a maximum of 6 swimmers per lane.

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What is the difference between a

Swim Smooth Session and a

Masters Session?

There are many Masters’ Squads in South Wales and these programmes do a great job for senior swimmers racing all four strokes in the pool.

At Swim Smooth Wales we are big fans of Masters swimming - in fact many Swim Smooth coaches around the World run fabulous Masters programmes but also recognise a need for Swim Smooth Coaching and run Swim Smooth squads in parallel for swimmers with endurance and triathlon goals.

Why will a Swim Smooth Session be more effective for the long distance swimmer and triathlete?

The preparation required for longer events and triathlon/open water swimming requires a different focus from the Master’s swimmer, who competes in shorter events in the pool.

Also, Master’s sessions develop all four competitive strokes. Swim Smooth's programme focuses almost entirely on distance freestyle swimming.

Many swimmers have limited training time (commonly swimming 2-3 times per week) and require maximum "specificity" on freestyle to achieve their best performances.

We focus on training methods to give best performance over distances of 750m and longer.

Preparation for swims of 750m to 3800m is at the core of our main sessions.  In practice this means there is less focus on sprinting with long recovery times, and an emphasis on sustained speed over longer distances, with shorter recoveries.  

These are the sessions that will deliver long distance swimmers and triathletes their break-through performances.

We focus on Open Water Swimming

Our emphasis on open water swimming enables us to develop strokes that perform well when swimming in close proximity to other swimmers. Typically this means a greater focus on stroke rhythm and less emphasis on the kick for propulsion. Swimmers still perform at a high level in the pool but in the open water they really excel.

Unlike a Master’s session which may focus on race starts and turns for pool events, Swim Smooth develop key open water skills such as drafting, sighting, swimming straight and mass starts.

That's where Swim Smooth comes in, it's an entire coaching system designed from the bottom up for distance freestyle swimmers and those racing in open water and triathlon.

             Most Triathletes DO NOT have a Swimming Background

A huge percentage of Swim Smooth squads are filled with triathletes who do not have a swimming background. This is why we focus on developing people who are relatively new to the sport and want to become better swimmers to be able to compete in triathlons.

              Our focus on swim technique takes account of this very specific coaching need

From Beginner to Elite

Now you have the opportunity to share that success       

 right here in Wales!





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