Open Water Swim Coaching Session Dates for 2022

Date                            Session Starts          Session Finishes
Sunday 17 July                        09:30am                           10:45am
Sunday 31 July                        08:45am                           10:00am
Sunday 14 August                   08:30am                           09:45am
Sunday 18 September            12:00 midday                   13:15pm

Off Newton Beach, Porthcawl, CF36 5NE
Car Parking Available - please bring coins with you

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To register please contact Louise, as mentioned above
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Blue Water

It's getting to that wonderful time of year when you put on your wetsuit (or not, for you skins swimmers), and plunge into the sea for that long awaited open water swim.
For all you swimmers out there, what better way to spend a Sunday morning than on the beach with a group of likeminded individuals, being coached on your open water swim technique by the Swim Smooth Wales coaches, followed by a social on the beach (for those of you who don't need to rush off).

If you have already been to our beach squads, you will know how much knowledge you will gain from our friendly, experienced swim coaches.


Get your
wet suit out!

Newton Beach.jpg

Newton Beach


If you are new to open water swimming and want to try it out in a safe and controlled environment; as long as you are able to swim 200m crawl continuously in a pool, come join us. You'll be so glad you did!
Open water swimming is a whole new, amazing experience. 
Many people say, "I'm not good enough to join an open water squad session." Well, this is what it's all about; you'll get fantastic open water coaching in a welcoming group with like minded people.

Items you'll need

Wet suit

Brightly coloured swim cap

Swim buoy



If you're a bit of a freezer you can wear gloves and booties, although they are not absolutely necessary.

Water bottle and a hot drink to help you warm up after your swim

July 21 9.png

What about valuables, such as car keys?
There's even a beach tent where you can leave your valuables knowing they are safely stored whilst you are enjoying the sea.

£11:00 per person
(75 minute) session


Some of the Benefits of Open Water Swimming


Boosts Your Mood

You will see an immediate improvement in your mood following each swim.

For people suffering from depression they will see a gradual reduction in the symptoms

Andrea Jersey.GIF

Many swimmers report less coughs and colds than their non-swimming friends.

The stress reaction to the body from the cold water immersion triggers a release in white blood cells, providing a natural boost to your immune system

June 21 3.png

The mix of exercise and cold water triggers a release of dopamine, the body's feel good hormone.

Sharing this experience with like minded people intensifies the experience.

It's great for your health and wellbeing!

Boosts your Immune System

It's Fun!



Swim Smooth Wales is part of the world's leading swimming coaching company*
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What you can expect.....

  • Become a faster and more efficient swimmer

  • Easy to follow, very effective coaching programmes

  • A warm, friendly welcome to swimmers of ALL ability

'Creating an Environment for you to Flourish'

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