Winter Swimming and Dipping!

The Winter Buzz!

You may have heard about some of the benefits of winter swimming and dipping; well here at Swim Smooth Wales we love the rush of endorphins you get from a cold water plunge!

Two of our team are former age group winners at the British Ice Swimming championships and we are committed to help you unlock this incredible world safely and then to explore and develop your winter swimdip journey with likeminded dippers!


Whether you want to dip or swim competitively, we can help!

Swim Smooth Wales’ Winter Webinars

Winter swimming is potentially a very dangerous activity; our team have put together a winter workshop to give you the knowledge and understanding of what happens to your body when you enter cold water, acclimatisation and how to deal with cold shock, the signs of hypothermia and then the dreaded afterdrop and essential re-warming process!


The webinar will give you all the tools and tips you need to start dipping in the winter from the comfort (and warmth!) of your own home!

Price £6 - dates available on the booking app now!

The Ice Dragon Winter Challenge!

Armed with the knowledge from the webinar, you will be eligible to enter our superb winter swimdip challenge, The Ice Dragon! Should you choose to accept it, the challenge set is for you to get yourself into the open water, once a week until the spring equinox on March 21st!

We don't mind where you do it, sea, lake, pond, or river; any unheated body of water counts for the challenge!

We don't mind what you want to wear, wetsuit, swimsuit, gloves, hood, boots; the choice is yours!

Swim as far as you are comfortable with; we simply want you to enjoy the open water buzz and sometimes just a splash is enough!!

Price: £15

The Rewards!


When you enter the Ice Dragon Challenge, we will invite you to the private facebook group where you can share your winter swimdip experiences with your fellow challengers, discuss locations for a wild swim, discuss any problems with the coaches and share your journey!


On completion of the challenge, you will receive one of our fabulous Ice Dragon Medals in the post.


To book your session:

Existing customers should check the app, the winter webinars are available to book under the 'winter swimming' tab.

For new customers, enter your details in this page to create an account then download our app to enable you to see all of our sessions and classes, book places, buy things from the store and more!





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